If you have ergonomic concerns and want expert advice please schedule a consultation with me. I'm a Certified Professional Ergonomist who specializes in office ergo. I've been practicing for over 25 years and I've performed thousands of in-person and remote-telephone consultations for employees at American Express, Ameriprise, TD Bank, T-Mobile, and Wells Fargo. I've become quite good at helping people identify and correct their ergonomic issues and I can probably help you too. I've had great success helping people with chronic headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, hand wrist arm pain, low back pain, sciatica, and circulatory problems.

Tap into my decades of ergo coaching experience and I will teach you some basics of how the human body likes to work, and I'll share the best practices learned from working with others with concerns like yours. And to help you remember everything, we suggest using our Help Library resources including Videos, Best Fit Guides, Help for Discomfort Checklist, etc.


You choose a convenient time from my on-line scheduler, and then I'll ask you to send me a couple photos and measurements of you and your workstation.  We then get together on a phone call and review your ergo concerns and, together, we come up with workable recommendations for resolving your concerns. Based on my many years experience, I will provide suggestions on; how you can adjust or replace your equipment (based on your budget preferences), how you can rearrange your setup, and how to optimize your work methods and habits. My ergo consultations will help you find your best fit in the workstation.

Option 1: Ergonomics Consultation with Report

The Ergonomics Consultation with Report is for you if you have an injury, chronic or significant discomfort, multiple ergonomic concerns, or you just want a comprehensive review of your situation to ensure you are working at your best. This 60-minute appointment includes:

  • A review of your workstation photos & measurements.
  • Comparison of your measurements to anthropometric charts.
  • Up to 30-min call to discuss your ergo concerns and mis-matches in your workstation.
  • Recommendations for; work station or equipment changes, work practice changes, and self-care tips for long-term success.
  • Review of other common concerns including; eyes, neck, shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist, hand, lower back pain, and general wellbeing.
  • Written report with a summary of recommendations for your situation.
  • Suggestions for optional Help Library resources that match your ergonomic concerns.
  • Optional followup recheck appointment.

Option 2: Ergo Quick Check - Recheck

If you have questions about a temporary workstation, or recent mild to moderate discomfort, or want a follow up call from an earlier full Ergonomics Consultation, the Ergo Quick Check - Recheck visit might be for you.

  • This 30-minute appointment Includes;
  • Records review and preparation pertinent to your case.
  • A 15-minute telephone consultation with a Certified Professional Ergonomist.
  • Suggestions for ergonomic adjustments, equipment changes, work-practice changes, and self-care suggestions if indicated.
  • Suggestions for related Help Library Resources that might be helpful.
  • Does not include a written report.


Work from home programming

Ensure that your Work from Home employees are safe, productive and able to work at their best. Learn best practices from the  American Express Global Home Working program. I was on the team that established the policy, checklists, and training required for safe and effective Home Working and I can help ensure you have the the right training, equipment, and ergonomics support for your home workers.

Webinars/ Distance Learning

Ergonomic training webinars for your groups. General Ergonomics Awareness for all staff, or Program Management Ergo Training for EHS staff. My team has presented at many regional and national conferences and can provide training on a topic for you.

Program Audit and Management Advice

I've run an award-winning global ergonomics program for American Express, and I've advised many leading firms as they developed best in class ergonomic programs. I can help you evaluate your program and bring it up to standard whether that means ISO 45001, DSE compliant, or your own internal standards.

On-Site Ergonomics Training & Evaluations

If you have a lot of people or many locations I'm not your guy - that sounds like burnout work. Instead, consider an on-line self-help program like those offered by Humantech then use us for the remote consultations when needed. If you have a small or mid-size group my team may be interested (our big clients always try the remote consult first, then consider escalating to an on-site consult if necessary).
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