Ergonomics Help Library

Our ergonomics learning and reference center - the Help Library - is a collection of the best self-help materials we've seen in our decades of clinical rehab and corporate ergonomics work. The Help Library materials are proven resources that have been professionally produced to communicate essential ergonomics information. We've received high praise for similar materials we've produced in the past.

Use the Help Library to: 

  • Learn how to work at your best, with more comfort and less chance of injury.
  • Access Best Fit Guides for Eye Strain, Neck Pain, Arm Pain, Back Pain, Laptop & Mobile Devices and more.
  • Refresh your memory on what we discussed and recommended in your Professional Consultation.
  • Learn new ways of working and to learn how to maximize your wellness at work.
  • See our Ergo Thinking, FAQs, and to get common ergonomics questions answered.

What's Included?

12-month access to our online resources including:

Ergo Thinking blog

  • Fact or fiction
  • Test your Ergo knowledge
  • Ergo FAQs and best practices
  • Answers to common ergo question

Help for Discomfort - Videos and PDFs

Professionally produced videos and documents on:
  • Eye Strain & Headaches
  • Neck & Upper Back pain
  • Elbow, Arm, Wrist & Hand pain
  • Lower Back & Hip pain

Best fit Guides

Learn what's best for your body:
  • Best fit for Seated Workstations
  • Best fit for Sit - Stand Workstations
  • Best fit for Monitor Placement
  • Best fit for Hands & Arms

Workplace Wellness:

Physical Health at Work:
  • The Active Office - your guide to health health
  • Recommended Stretches
  • Visual Health - Lighting, Glare, Computer Glasses
  • Deep Work - brain rules for working at your best
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