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Gene Kay MS, CPE - owner and principle consultant Ergo Pro Consulting

I'm a Certified Professional Ergonomist who's been practicing for nearly 30 years. I've worked in Human Performance, Wellness, Physical Rehab, and Corporate Ergonomics. I serve as a Director at the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics ( and I've been a speaker at many regional and national conferences.

I've learned a lot about the human body including what works and what does not work in ergonomics. The mis-information found elsewhere, like telling people to sit up straight like a robot with 90 degree angles at the knees, hips, and elbows isn't necessarily harmful, but it's not natural and it's actually harder on the back. And incorrect advice, like telling people to put the monitor above eye-level or higher, actually causes 3 types of eye strain and is contradicted by both visual anatomy and the ISO Ergonomics standards.

For the past 30 years I've been focused on communicating the best ergonomics advice possible. In the early 2000's I served as the American Express Global Ergonomics manager. Then 2010, I developed and launched ErgoAdvocate - a comprehensive on-line ergonomics training program used by many firms including; Ameriprise Financial, Cargill Corporation, Chesapeake Energy, State of Colorado, Ford Motor Co, TD Bank, T-Mobile, Wells Fargo and others. I helped these firms deploy and manage best-in-class ergonomics programs, and have since sold ErgoAdvocate to VelocityEHS - Humantech.

Now,  I'm launching Ergo Pro Consulting to correct the persistent mis-information, and the crap, around ergonomics that proliferates the internet. Ergo Pro Consulting brings professional ergo services to smaller firms. On my site you'll find proven ergonomics guidelines, checklists, and tip sheets curated from the research and years of practice.  And, if the information in the Help Library doesn't fix your problems, we can arrange a consultation - I've performed thousands of office ergonomics evaluations including hundreds of remote telephone consults. With the remote telephone consults I'll ask you to send me a few measurements and some photos, then we get on the phone and talk about your work and your ergo concerns. I'll help you identify the problems and I'll work with you to find your best fit in the workstation. Together we can make your work better.

When I'm not practicing ergonomics I can often be found skiing or mountain biking -- I am a certified Mountain Bike Skills coach and a performance coach for XC Ski Marathon racers.  Connect or learn more from my profile on LinkedIn.

Other Ergonomics Professionals - I partner with a few experienced colleagues of mine when timing and demands require me to get assistance. Everyone who works with me is fully qualified to help you make your work better.

Andy Wood, MS, PT, CIE - Andy is a Physical Therapist, an Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Ergonomist. For 25 years he was the Manager of Health Promotion and Ergonomics at General Mills.  He managed and coordinated health promotion programs, ergonomics, injury prevention strategies, and treated employees with musculoskeletal injuries.  He then took a position as Director of Ergonomics and Corporate Solutions at Muve Inc., a joint venture with Mayo Clinic, where he was responsible for developing and implementing activity based ergonomic and wellness programs for corporate clients. While at Muve, he and his colleagues were awarded a patent for a personalized activity monitoring device.  Andy now provides ergonomic consulting services to a number of clients.
Andy has authored several articles and given many ergonomics and health promotion presentations at national conferences.  He is fluent in spoken and written German, and in his spare time, Andy enjoys working on the family farm in southeast Minnesota, cross country skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and dog training. He has also restored one of the first Willys jeeps ever produced.

*Chris Grant, PhD, CPE - (Retired) Research Fellow at the University of Michigan- Center for Ergonomics. In 1999 Chris developed some of the Ergo Thinking content which was first published on ( Chris was on the committee writing the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) ergonomics standard.

*Dennis Ankrum, CIE - (Deceased following a battle with cancer.) Denny continued after Chris retired. He consulted and published a number of articles on vision, lighting, and monitor placement. Denny was involved in the BIFMA Ergonomics Best-Fit Standards development.

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